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The 5 Best Home Alarm Options

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There’s more than one option in the genre of home security systems. You can choose to build your own, or you can choose to to include all your services in a single package deal. Smart Home, Safemart, and Home Security Store all offer Do-It-Yourself solutions for home security.

Building your own system and subscribing to a third-party company that offers the same central monitoring station services as name brand companies like ADT does can save you a lot! And you get the same central monitoring station service contracts at a HUGE discount by being a smart shopper.

Alternatively, if you want everything setup for you, professionally installed, and want to get the whole installation and subscription set up for you in just a few clicks, going with ADT, Frontpoint, Protect America, Vivint, and others would be a more effective solution.

Setting Up A Custom Home Alarm System – What Are The Best Options/Equipment To Keep You Safe?

1. Door And Window Sensors / Glass Break Sensors – A home security system is only as good as the strategy and amount of equipment you use to secure your residence or business. Obviously, you’re going to want door/window sensors installed in every possible entry point. Glass break detectors too.

2. Live Video Surveillence – Setting up video surveillence throughout your home is a great idea too, and this can provide court/law enforcement with the video evidence they need to identify criminals. Also, pet friendly motion sensors help a lot, as does ensuring you’re subscribing to central monitoring service with multiple redundant locations.

3. Environmental Home Security Includes – Securing your home with flood, freeze, temperature, and smoke sensors will provide you with an early warning system regarding home emergencies not related to home invasions or burglaries.

4. Home Automation Technology Includes – These features allow you to save the most money on your utility costs by providing remote control of your thermostat through a smart phone mobile app. Homeowners can save a lot on utility bills, as well as have remote access to their door locks, garage door, lighting, and appliances with just a few clicks of their smart phone buttons.

5. Personal Protection Items -There’s tons of different equipment to choose from at home security stores. There’s even products available like body armor/bulletproof vests, helmets/shields, first aid supplies, panic keychains/alarms, and a lot more.

Remember, home security also includes protecting your body in the event that a confrontation with a burglar/home invader occurs. It’s a dangerous world we live in, and you have to make every attempt to be ready for anything.
Finally, make sure you consider investing in a high quality firearm for both personal and home protection/safety. Being able to defend yourself with a firearm is a good deterrent against criminals, and in most cases a criminal will avoid you in order to find a more helpless target.

The ReviewsRoo category page on home security has some great home security listings, and Vivint is offering a pretty fair deal on package deal home security. Wrapping this article up, check out our ReviewsRoo article on Choosing The Best Home Security System.

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February 15, 2015

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