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ADT Home Security Review

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When it comes to home security, most people make an honest effort to do thorough research about who they consider buying from. No one wants to take chances on a no-name, no experience company. Considering what’s at stake, this makes a lot of sense. A well established company that has lots of experience in home security processes and issues will be more prepared to handle emergency situations when they arise.

And know this much: The trade secrets of home security aren’t common knowledge, and a “virgin” company that doesn’t know how to properly manage their home security center or operations could land you in big trouble if you ever do have an emergency and they fail to perform as promised.

ADT has a great track record of award winning performance.

Why ADT Makes The Most Sense – A Well Established, Seasoned Home Security Veteran

ADT first began offering fire and security alarm protection between 1910 – 1930. Moving forward to the present day, ADT has amassed over 6.5 million customers across the United States and Canada. Their 25% market share in the home security business shows how well they’re performing in terms of being competitive. Not many home security companies can attest to the legendary performance and rock-solid reliability of ADT.

More often than not, the vast experience ADT has in home security shines through to offer customers the peace of mind that they’re getting the very best home security money can buy. And it’s true, ADT continues to outshine their competitors and has very high review scores and customer feedback into the thousands of satisfied customers.

ADT Home Security Features And Benefits – Offering Much More Than Just Home Security

Here’s a run down of the services offered by ADT:

Home Security Monitoring – In the event that one of the entry point alarms are triggered, the award winning 24/7 ADT response team is immediately alerted. Their secure communications link provides a response time that’s always very fast, and they give a call to your residence immediately to find out your status.

If you’re in a serious emergency, the ADT representative will quickly dispatch fire, emergency, or law enforcement personnel to your residence.

To provide you with the very best in home security monitoring, the ADT system comes with motion detectors, entry point detectors for doors and windows, video cameras, and more. And best of all, it’s all wireless.

Home Automation – ADT has expanded their service line to offer more than just home security. Their home automation features allow you to arm/disarm the system, receive security alerts/updates, adjust the thermostat, control the lighting, program custom settings, lock/unlock doors,

Video Surveillance – The ability to catch an intruder on video tape can mean everything to law enforcement in order to help them put a burglar/home intruder behind bars for a long time. This is one of your best weapons against home invasion, because generally a police profiler can match up the size and weight of an individual to the exact person that broke into your home. The success rate is very good.

Severe Weather Service Continuance – Even when the weather is dangerous outside and you lose power, the system keeps working! You’ll never have to worry about severe weather putting your family in danger because of a loss of power. ADT has you covered!
Fire, Smoke, Flood, Temperature, And Carbon Monoxide Monitoring – As we outlined above, the ADT home security company offers much more than just basic home security. You’re getting an entire home automation and security suite which offers fire, smoke, flood, temperature, and carbon monoxide monitoring. Your entire house and its vulnerabilities are being monitored constantly, providing you with an early warning system for any house problems that arise.

Medical Alert Intercom – This intercom system allows you to speak to a ADT representative with just the push of a button. When you’re in serious trouble, a flip of the switch can alert them to get in touch with emergency services, saving you crucial time that could save your life.

Free Installation And Activation – Installation and activation of the ADT home security, home monitoring, and home automation services are always free of charge. In addition, you get a free home security review from an ADT home security specialist who can tell you what the best options for you might be.

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The Bottom Line – Is ADT Really As Good As People Say? Are Their Services Genuinely Worth It?

Yes! As a matter of fact, ADT really does outperform competing home security systems when it comes to reliability and industry know-how. They’ve got many years of experience in handling emergency situations, and with that experience comes many technology improvements and innovations ADT has made, as well as having one of the most well trained staff in the business.

ADT knows their stuff, and if you’re looking to purchase a home security system, you really can’t do much better than going with the industry leader.

And, if you’re looking to discover other home security companies, the Frontpoint Home Security company is performing very well. Although they’re not nearly as big as ADT in terms of customer numbers, they seem to be getting very good review scores thus far.

The ReviewsRoo category page on home security has many other options to choose from too, and the Smart Home – Home Automation Superstore has great Do-It-Yourself electronics you can use to set up your own system to save some cash.

February 4, 2015

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