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The Apple smart watch, which is currently in the development phase, is scheduled to be released in early 2015. Nearly everything that we’ve seen released as far as smart watches go has been relatively basic and low-tech.

People, especially business professionals in the demanding work force, have been clamoring to get their hands on a smart watch that’s not only capable of helping them accomplish more, but one that’s stylish, high performance, and a big step beyond the capabilities of previous smart watch offerings.

So what does the Apple smart watch have to offer that previous smart watches don’t? Below, we’re going to be outlining all the new and amazing features of the Apple smart watch, and how it stands to bring a higher level of benefit to the wearer.

Based on the below features list, you’ll be able to see for yourself how the Apple smart watch is able to change how you do business and help you to get more done in less time. The Apple smart watch allows you to accomplish lots of new and exciting things, and is unlike any other smart watch before it!

Apple Smart Watch Product Features – Amazing Innovation, Taking The World By Storm!

Price Tag – The Apple smart watch is no slouch as far as innovation, reliability, and performance goes, as you’ll be finding out below. The price tag on the watch starts at $349, and goes up from there. Most business professionals won’t find it difficult to put up the money to pay for it, considering how much it stands to simplify their work and personal lives.

Incredibly Accurate Time Display – Being able to stay “in-tune” with the exact time of day, within a 50 millisecond accuracy of the global time standard will be attractive to people who need precise time measurement.

Use Many Built-In Apps Like ApplePay And Other iOS Compatible Apps – Using iOS apps with your Apple smart watch is as simple as it gets. You can load fitness tracking apps, weather, email, GPS maps, and much more. The ApplePay app allows you to pay for groceries, buy coffee, and more at hundreds of thousands of retail locations. The app ability of the Apple smart watch is continually changing and improving the way we get things done.

There’s even apps that allow you to do things like turning off the lights in your apartment or house. That’s just one example of how the Apple smart watch is going far above and beyond what was possible in recent years.

Vibration “Tap” Feature – The Apple smart watch features the unique ability to “tap” you on the wrist to make you aware of events, things you’ve scheduled, or need to get done. It’s just a gentle tap on your wrist so you’re aware that an event has happened or is going to happen.

Also, you can communicate with loved ones and friends in special ways, by sending and receiving customizable strength level taps.

Customizable Watch Faces – Because no one likes looking at the same watch face for months on end, the Apple watch allows you to change watch faces and even customize them with specific face attributes.

Sketch Feature – You can use your Apple watch to share drawing time with friends or business colleagues. Who you share your drawings with can see your drawing as you draw it, dynamically!

Built-In Speaker And Microphone – Sending and receiving calls is totally easy, and it’s something you can do “on the fly”. The built in speaker and microphone is top quality, and allows you to always be ready to take on a phone call directly from your wrist.

Easy Email Management – Being able to manage your email inbox from the watch itself allows you to stay free of fiddling with your bulky smart phone and saves a lot of time. Managing your mail with the Apple watch is straight forward and simple with zero guess work involved.

Accelerometer, Wi-Fi/GPS, Heart Rate Sensor – The Apple smart watch comes with the ability to help you in all walks of life, including an accelerometer to count your steps and distance, GPS for travel, heart rate monitor for workouts, and Wi-Fi, all built right in! You’ll definitely be noticing that the Apple smart watch offers SO MUCH more than other smart watches out there, that you’ll truly be amazed.

State-Of-The-Art Magnetic Charger – Charging your Apple smart watch is easy to do, even in the dark or when barely awake. You simply hold the apple watch near the magnetic charging receptacle, and it snaps into place using magnetic pull. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Unique Case And Band Options – Being able to wear your Apple watch with the style that’s right for you is important. Watch style has been a staple of the watch industry from the very beginning, and there’s lots of different design options and sizes to choose from.

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Inquiring Minds Want To Know – Is It Safe To Invest In This Smart Watch Technology, Or Is It Still Too Soon?

This is a question we’ll be happy to answer for you, immediately and right off the bat. Yes! Based on the quality and abilities of the Apple smart watch, it’s definitely something most business professionals with an iPhone will be DELIGHTED to have.

As we mentioned above, the technology and abilities of the Apple smart watch goes far beyond what’s been previously available in the smart watch market. You’ll be able to get more done, and do it knowing that you’re dealing with the legendary Apple manufacturing quality standards.

It doesn’t cost all that much, starting at $349, and most people with a modest salary will be able to afford it. The Apple smart watch represents the “Best Of The Best” as far as smart watch options are currently concerned, and owning one has the ability to make many things about the way you live your life and work, streamlined, smooth, nag-free, and simple.

Apple has truly outdone themselves with their upcoming smart watch release, which is set to go on sale sometime in mid-2015.

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January 22, 2015

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