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Berowatch (White)

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The Berowatch – A Refreshing Improvement Over Less Capable Smart Watches!

The Berowatch is a wonderful improvement over less capable smart watches that we’ve seen flooding the marketplace. While other smart watch manufacturers have been producing smart watches that are only capable of doing a few simple things, the Berowatch is refreshingly different.

Because it’s made so well, the price tag is a little higher than the “cheapo”/generic smart watches. And with the higher price tag, comes a wealth of new abilities and hardware improvements. The Berowatch is capable of much more than just alerting you to phone calls and displaying texts.

Actually Buy A Smart Watch That’s Worth Spending Money On! The Berowatch

Below, we’re going to be listing the features of the Berowatch in detail. Most other smart watches fail in comparison to this one, and in the feature list below you’ll see why:

1.3 MP High Definition Camera – The 1.3 megapixel camera installed on the Berowatch is able to take still pictures and record HD video too! If you’re browsing smart watches on the Internet, you’ll see that not many smart watches actually have a camera. This is one way the Berowatch is beyond what other smart watches are able to do.

Microphone/Speakers Built-In – The built-in microphone and speakers allow you to make and receive phone calls via the Berowatch with awesome audio quality. This smart watch totally sets you free of having to use your smart phone to make/receive calls.

Dual Compatibility With Apple/Android Phones – Most smart watches work with either Android or iOS. They’re not dual-compatible like the Berowatch is. Being able to use the Berowatch in both mobile operating systems is awesome and allows you to use apps from Google and the Apple AppStore together!

Long Lasting Lithium Battery – With the slightly higher price tag of the Berowatch comes extended battery life and higher quality polymer construction.

3G Network Data Connection – 3G network connection ability means you’ll have a steady connection to download data and participate in online activities.

GSM850/900/1800/1900MHz Network Ability – For when 3G network access isn’t available, this smart watch also comes with GSM850/900/1800/1900MHz network ability to give you more ways to stay connected.

Bluetooth – Bluetooth comes standard on nearly all smart watches these days, and with the Bluetooth connection you can sync up to your smart phone and get call alerts so you never miss another important call again!

eBook Reader, Calculator, Calendar, MP3 Player, To-Do List – There’s lots of extra includes built-in to the Berowatch. With all the extra features, you’ll find that your everyday life is greatly simplified.

WAP Internet Access, Facebook, MSN, Twitter – Being able to access the Internet through the Berowatch is a plus, as is social media access ability.

Multiple Clock Faces – If you get bored of one clock face, you can easily change how it looks with just a few commands.
Loss Prevention Feature – If you walk away or move a certain distance away from your phone, the Berowatch will sound an alert, so that you never lose your phone in the presence of the Bluetooth link.

Supports Up To 32 Gigabytes Of Memory – If memory is what you’re after, you can always expand the memory total of the Berowatch to 32 gigabytes total.

Includes Headphones, FM Radio, SIM Card Slots – The Berowatch includes headphones, an FM radio, SIM card slots, and more.

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The Berowatch – A Great Example Of How Smart Watches Are Moving Steadily Forward

Seeing the Berowatch in action is pretty impressive. Not only does it comes with nearly everything we love to see in a smart watch, but it’s actually built well and designed to last.

You can count on the smart watch industry to keep making improvements, and soon enough we’ll all be able to reap the rewards of how smart watch developers aim to simplify and improve the quality of our daily lives.

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January 15, 2015

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