Beta Version open to Public - Still have a lot more work to do. | Reviews Roo

Beta Version open to Public – Still have a lot more work to do.

Hello everyone,

Since we are seeing a big increase in traffic to our website and users signing up, we think it’s a good idea to provide on-going updates to our website members and visitors about Reviews Roo progress. I’m sure you guys noticed somethings are not working as they should and other areas we need improvement on. We are also aware of these issues. However, our team would love additional feedback from our members and visitors when ever possible.


In 2014, a small group of developers and marketers got together to build the next generation of review website. Our team shares the same goal of bringing a community of people who can express there honest and factually shopping experience with an online store or website and also (We don’t want to be Yelp.) This is a huge challenge because there are billions of websites. We had to figure out a way to manage a huge index of websites and support the infrastructure financially. We have a good start, but we have a long way to go. We don’t plan on taking out a loan from the bank as we are confident we can build out this website with our skill sets and with the help of the community.

Beta Version:

The beta version of Reviews Roo went live in early March. We decided to go public with the beta version because we had the major functionally working correctly. People can leave reviews and manage them in there user dashboard. Website owners can add there website. We also added top 300,000 online websites/online stores. If you’re a website owner and your site is already listed on Reviews Roo, then you can claim your website.

What we are working on:

1. Search – Our search sucks. We know it and we are working hard to getting it working correctly. We have a huge database so plenty of work to do.
2. Store owners to contact members – We are working on an amazing system which will make it simple for store owners to contact members who left reviews of there website.
3. Support system – We are trying to put together a simple system where are staff can answer any questions our members might have.

These are the top 3 items we are working on as team, but the list of enhancements is very long. Please leave us your feedback or suggestions in the comments. Stay tuned for more updates in the next couple of weeks.

We are also social, but limited on activity because of the short staff and time. Please do follow us as we ramp up Reviews Roo.

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HELP Wanted

If you guys would like to to help in any area of the website, (for example: sorting out data, website development, SEO, etc). Then please contact us today.

March 26, 2015

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