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Choosing The Best Home Security System

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When you’re trying to do your best to protect your family, your belongings, and your peace of mind with a home security system, how do you go about making sure you’re making the RIGHT decision?

In today’s world of Internet technology, it seems like more than ever, there’s many deceptive business practices going on and too many subpar security companies that don’t have the first clue about running their own business!
In order to actually pay for a home security system that’s worth buying and a company that’s worth doing business with, you’ll have to do some thorough background checking and research about them.

Reading actual customer reviews is a good start, as is researching who owns the company and their “track record” of providing high performance service. Knowing whether or not the home security company you choose is actually going to be in business a month from now or not is important, obviously.

Some people have the opinion, that if the home security company they’re looking at doesn’t have a secure enough financial backing, as well as exceptional performance and a high level of yearly profits, that they should look elsewhere. And they’re right! Managing a home security company, or any prominent company that deals with life and death situations, MUST, above all else, have a corporate management team with financial ties that can’t be stopped in our current economy. From their, they’re in a position to employ strategically educated people to manage their company most appropriately.

Below, we’re going to be listing a few home security companies, and explaining to you some ins and outs of how home security businesses are set up to function in the mainstream economy. This should put your mind at ease as far as making your final decisions about who to do business with in home security is concerned.

ADT – The Nation’s Leader In Home Security And Home Automation – The Best In The Business

ADT, the nation’s leader in home security for many years now, has over 6 million current customers throughout the US and Canada. They’ve served the needs of home security customers and gone above and beyond the call of duty in order to protect family residences and their accompanying belongings.

That equates to 3.2 billion dollars in annual earnings, 19 million responses to alarm signals every year, a total of 400 authorized dealers, and 140 years of combined home security know-how and experience. There’s 16,000 current ADT employees, and that number grows along with the increasing customer base each year.

They also offer medical lifeline support and home automation solutions as well. Flood, temperature, fire, and CO2 smoke sensors ADT offers are able to alert you to any disturbance in your home related to its safety.

ADT is a full service home automation and home security company, providing you with the very best in customer service, emergency response times, and the reputation of having the most experience in home security of ANY company out there. ADT is the irrefutable leader in home security, without a doubt.

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Protect America – A Respectable Home Security Company That’s Doing Very Well

Protect America is doing a great job these days in providing effective home security services. Founded in 1992, they’ve got a financial backing that’s secure enough to ensure they’ll be here for many years to come.

While they are a relatively new company, according to customer reviews, they’re performing at a level that’s above and beyond what other companies are providing. Meaning, just because companies like ADT have so many years of experience, doesn’t mean that a younger company like Protect America can’t provide the same level of service.

After all, if you think about it logically, home security is comprised of only a few really crucial elements:

The Central Monitoring Stations:

Multiple, redundant central monitoring stations are necessary to provide non-stop service, even when one of the monitoring stations is temporarily disabled. Protect America has a total of 3 redundant central monitoring stations through a company called Criticom.

The Emergency Response Representative/Service Team:

The emergency response representatives for Protect America are responsible for assessing emergency calls and situations. They’re a critical link in the chain of emergency response command. Without them, some, but not all, of home security customers would be left without their life-saving link to safety.

For example, people getting older in age are used to communicating over the phone, and many of them don’t have a thorough understanding of Internet technology, smart phones, etc. The two-way instant communication link with Protect America emergency representatives can provide them with emergency services they need, through voice communication, with a touch of a button.

The Link To Emergency Personnel THROUGH The Central Monitoring Stations:

The link to law enforcement, fire department, and hospital/ambulance services through the Protect America network of home security services is VERY important.

Home security companies and the “chain of command” associated with them have a directly networked link to law enforcement, fire department, and emergency medical services THROUGH the central monitoring stations. This crucial link must be efficient and always maintained to ensure a non-stop level of service for home security customers.

As long as these three “bases” are covered, nearly any home security company can stand to do very well. After all, a home security company isn’t law enforcement, they’re not the fire department, and they’re not emergency medical/ambulatory services, but they ARE the critical link between them that home security customers rely on to protect their lives.

With a customer base of around 300-400,000 customers, Protect America is far below the level of customers that ADT has, but still large enough to be a key player within the home security business.

Protect America understands that ADT is the nations leader, and because they don’t have as much experience in home security, they offer their home security services at a much lower price to attract new customers and keep the ones they do have.

People considering home security options need to understand that companies like Protect America, Frontpoint, Vivint, Safemart, and others are much smaller than ADT, but in reality this doesn’t even MATTER!


Because all these companies have contracts with the EXACT SAME central monitoring stations that the larger companies use. Meaning, the home security company that’s acting as the hypothetical middle man COULD go out of business, yes, but switching companies is as easy as a phone call to competing home security businesses. You could have a new home security contract drawn up the same day.

In the meantime, you get to cash in on the HUGE savings you get by deciding to do business with a smaller, less prominent home security company than ADT. It makes a lot of sense for people with a limited budget, and you get your home security system linked to the exact same monitoring stations and personnel the larger companies like ADT provide.

Overall, Protect America and smaller companies are worth doing business with, as long as you understand that they COULD go out of business at anytime, leaving you with maybe 1 or 2 days without home security service. If the savings are worth it to you, then go for it!

Otherwise, sticking with ADT might be the wisest option in terms of their immense financial backing and their 6,000,000+ customer base. The ReviewsRoo category page has a lot of worthwhile companies listed that can show you some good options as far as home security is concerned.

Also, checking out the ADT home page shows you the nations leader in home security. Lastly, a competing small company called Frontpoint is offering a highly affordable home security deal because they’re so new!

February 15, 2015

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