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eSmart Tax Review

eSmart Tax has been around for years and as such is a popular and reputable digital tax solutions provider. Currently a subsidiary of Liberty Tax Service, eSmart Tax was developed back in 1997 and since then has provided online tax filing to thousands of users across the United States and Canada. They have also been providers of extremely extensive customer support to all their customers who request to speak to an actual representative, a level of support which not many other providers offer. Read customer reviews on eSmart Tax.


Edition Price Details
Basic Free Simple returns for individuals and new users.
Deluxe $29.95 More complex returns including features for homeowners.
Premium $49.95 Detailed returns for business owners, property purchases etc.


eSmart Tax is extremely user friendly allowing even those completely new to online tax filing to easily and quickly file their taxes. The software prompts users with basic ‘yes’ or ‘no’ style questions, simplifying the entire filing process with everything explained in plain English terminology. Any anxiety associated with online filing is completely eliminated when using the software. The simple prompts, easy to understand questions and suite of calculators and tools to ensure accuracy make filing as easy as possible with great support options should you need them. They also allow for free refiling if your initial file is rejected by the IRS even if it was due to something as simple as an incorrect date of birth. This guarantee is extremely valuable allowing you to focus on the larger task at hand rather than worry about specific details, great for beginners.

Supported Operating Systems
Online Yes
Windows (download) No
Mac (download) No
Mobile Partially

The eSmart Tax software is extremely feature rich with even some of the more advanced features extremely easy to use providing a richer filing experience. The Q and A section of the website is a great place to read before you start the filing process. Here it outlines everything you need to know about web-based tax filing, providing a simplistic overview of the process. The software is approved by the IRS and if you file with eSmart Tax for more than a year you can easily import data from a previous year in just a few clicks. The developers offer a guarantee that when using eSmart Tax you will receive the highest possible refund with free refilling if any errors are made either by you or the platform. The software contains a range of tools such as calculators, easy postponement and a data double checking system ensuring these guarantees are met and you get the best refund possible. The guarantee that eSmart Tax will not make a single mistake is extremely valuable, with eSmart Tax offering any and all fees associated with the mistake. However, the user interface may seem a little dated although in contrast the support is superb and the interface doesn’t detract from simplicity.

eSmart Tax has one of the best and most comprehensive user support systems of any tax filing software, they make it extremely easy for you to talk to a representative anytime. The help section of their site is easy to search and navigate with a detailed question and answer area and knowledge base. The company is also associated with Liberty Tax, an American tax giant who provide phone and email support for all eSmart Tax customers. An instant live chat system is also available for users with simple problems who want immediate answers, which is very effective and time efficient. eSmart Tax is also extremely secure and IRS approved. The developers take security very seriously and go to great lengths to ensure the software has all standard security features providing peace of mind to all users, especially those who are new to online filing.


Overall, eSmart Tax provides a great solution to online tax filing with a simple system and outstanding customer support. However, it is one of the more expensive solutions in online tax filing and the user interface isn’t outstanding. Although, if you are looking for software that will allow you to easily file your taxes, especially for beginners with great support and security you can really trust then eSmart Tax is the smartest tax solution for you.


January 20, 2015

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