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Frontpoint Home Security Review

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Is The Frontpoint Home Security System A Good Fit For You?

When it comes to home security, you want the very best protection for you and your family. That makes perfect logical sense, of course, and in this article we’re going to be reviewing the Frontpoint Home Security system.

Through reading this article, you’ll be able to see if this home security system will be a good fit for you. Below, we’ll be outlining the Frontpoint pricing information, features and benefits, and our official recommendation as to whether or not it’s actually worth purchasing.

Let’s begin!

Frontpoint Home Security System Features And Benefits

Control Panel – The control panel of the Frontpoint Home Security system acts as your main control hub, where you can set and customize the options, turn the system on/off, and maintain a constant link to the sensors and the Frontpoint Monitoring Center.

Alarm Trip Sensors – Like any home security system, the Frontpoint system comes with sensors to monitor and alert you to a breach of any entry point in your home.

Multiple Plans To Fit Your Budget – There’s 3 different plans offered by the Frontpoint company. Protection, Interactive, and Ultimate. In the bottom portion of this article, you’ll be able to see in detail what each of the plans cost.

Fire Protection, Environmental Protection, Energy Management – Frontpoint offers more than just traditional home security. Depending on which plan you choose, you can also have carbon monoxide and smoke/heat sensors installed.

In addition to that, the environmental protection allows you to keep an eye on freezing pipe temperatures with a freeze sensor. And with water and flood sensor protection, you’ll know right away if a pipe is leaking or other water hazard occurs so you can act fast to prevent any possible water damage.

Energy management options allow you to adjust both the thermostat and the lights so you never have to walk into a cold house or find your way in the dark.

Automated Door Locks, Live Video Streaming/Recording, Life Safety – Frontpoint allows you to lock and unlock your doors remotely, so you don’t have to enter your access digits into the keypad everytime. The cell phone app allows you to remotely lock/unlock your doors with just the push of a button.

The live video streaming feature allows you to view what’s going on anywhere in your home that you have a camera installed. You can also save and record clips for later viewing, and install cameras both indoors and out.

The life safety feature includes a panic button you carry with you to immediately alert emergency services that you’re having a crisis. Safeguarding your life through advanced planning is the smart way to ensure you’ll be guaranteed the help you need, when you need it.

PC Compatible Access And Management – Online access via a smartphone, tablet, or PC allows to to stay in control of the system even when you’re on the go. Also, being inside your home and having to walk up to the control panel all the time to make adjustments can be a pain, so convenient PC access saves you the hassle.

30 Day Risk Free Trial, Free Shipping, 3 Year Warranty, Insurance Discounts – Frontpoint is no slouch when it comes to giving you a great deal. The 30 day risk free trial allows you the freedom to try out the services with no risk. The shipping is always free, and the equipment you receive comes with a 3 year warranty period to protect you against defect.

Frontpoint Home Security Pricing Details – Know In Advance What You’ll Be Paying!

Protection – This is the most basic plan offered by Frontpoint. You can get this protection for a cost of $34.99 per month. The level of security is much less than the Interactive and Ultimate packages.

Interactive – For $42.99, you get a bit of an upgrade from the Protection plan. It’s a “middle of the road” protection option for people that don’t need the full protection of the Ultimate package, but need a bit more than Protection has to offer. You may find the Protection or Interactive plan provides you with the services you need, and none of the extra ones you don’t need in the Ultimate.

Ultimate – This is the “heavy hitter” of the Frontpoint Home Security line. The Ultimate total protection security package costs only a little bit more than the Interactive, and you get a lot more for just a small increase in cost. The Ultimate price tag is set at $49.99.

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Our Official Recommendation – Is The Frontpoint Home Security System Worth Buying?


Frontpoint is in direct competition with ADT and other top performing home security companies. And although they’re fairly new, they’re doing FANTASTIC in the consumer reviews with an average score of 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars. And there’s not just 1 or 2 positive reviews either, we’re talking 75+ positive reviews detailing great performance.

Also, their equipment reportedly performs flawlessly with the ability to install 20+ sensors. And with easy DIY installation and awesome customer service, they’re leaving pretty much nothing to complain about.

As far as pricing goes, it makes the most sense to subscribe to the Ultimate plan, which offers the most features for your money. The Protection plan is $34.99, and fails greatly in comparison to the Ultimate plan, which is only slightly more expensive at $49.99 per month. So it makes the most sense, of course, to go with Ultimate.

So doing business with Frontpoint is looking like a safe bet, and you can check out the customer feedback about this company for yourself to be on the safe side.

And for people looking to learn more about home security systems in general, check out the ReviewsRoo category page on home security. Also, ReviewsRoo has a page on Frontpoint you can check out for easy access.

Wrapping this article up, you can count on Smarthome home automation solutions for home security and a ton of automation gadgets to make managing your home as easy as pressing a few buttons!

February 1, 2015

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