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Geekbuying U8 Bluetooth Smart Watch

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Get Your Feet Wet With The Newest Smart Watch Technology – Get More Done, Hands-Free!

Smart watches are becoming one of the hottest items for sale in the tech world these days. With the help of a smart watch, you can sync up with your smart phone, and get alerted to any incoming calls or text messages with a simple vibration alert.

And, with some smart watches, you can answer incoming calls and make calls too, using the built-in microphone and speakers.
The Geekbuying U8 Bluetooth Smart Watch Perfect Fit for Android Smartphone isn’t the very best smart watch in the marketplace, and as you’ll see it’s pretty cheaply priced and limited in its available features, but it makes a great introduction to what smart watches are and how they can help you live a more productive life.

Geekbuying U8 Bluetooth Smart Watch – A Great Gift Idea For Kids And Adults Of All Ages

Purchasing the Geekbuying U8 Bluetooth Smart Watch for your kids makes a great introduction to the world of smart watches. Your kids will be able to play with the features and functionality, and get a solid feel for how smart watches are designed to operate.

From there, you can step up to bigger and more capable smart watches that have more to offer. There’s the Pebble Steel smart watch, which allows you to answer and make calls thanks to the built-in microphone and speakers. There’s also the Sony Smartwatch line of smart watches, which are not as good as the Pebble Steel, but still allow you to get most things accomplished.

The Future Of Smart Watches Looks Amazing! Fast Forward To Just A Few Years Ahead!

Right now, smart watches are considered to be pretty much a brand new technology. They’ve hit the mainstream tech market, but the available features and options just aren’t as far along as most people would like.

But wait! There’s hope!

The smart watch market is set to EXPLODE with amazing tech upgrades and hardware improvements in the very near future. There’s a few smart watches available now that have built-in speakers, microphones, cameras, fast processors/RAM, pedometers, accelerometers, Bluetooth, Android app compatibility (thousands of apps), iOS app compatability (thousands of apps), and more!

And that’s not all! Future versions of smart watches will have even more capabilities, such as super-powerful GPS navigation systems, access to the Internet, input/output ports, and lots more! So if you thought smart phones were all the tech world had to offer, think again! In the very near future, as smart watches “come into their own”, you’ll be seeing more and more people wearing them out and experiencing a higher level of overall productivity because of them!

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January 12, 2015

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