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Lifeshield Home Security Review

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The Lifeshield Home Security service is being offered by Direct TV. Direct TV has been providing subscription TV services for a great many years, and now their home security and automation services are here to help you secure your home, and give you the ability to control everything remotely with just the touch of a button.

Lifeshield was started in 2002 by Louis Stilp, who decided that there needed to be more affordable options with more customization possibilities within the home security market. Lifeshield used to called InGrid Home Security, but officially changed to the name Lifeshield after the development of their patented technologies.

Lifeshield Home Security Services – Product Features And Benefits

3 Different Home Security Packages To Choose From – In order to provide you with options that fit your budget, you can choose from 3 separate security kit packages.

Security Essentials – This provides 4 door/window sensors, security touchpad, security base/keypad, keychain remote, pet friendly motion sensor, fire safety sensor, 24/7 professional alarm monitoring, free mobile app, and whole home fire protection.

Security Advantage – The Security Advantage package includes an additional 2 window/door sensors (total of 6), all the equipment listed above in the Security Essentials pack, plus 1 wireless camera with video monitoring.
Security Professional – Just like the above two packages, you get all the equipment listed there, plus 2 additional window sensors (total of 8), and 2 wireless cameras with 1 gig of video storage.

Patented Lifeshield Base Station With 3x Protection – The home security base station unit provided with the Lifeshield system has 12 different patented technologies included with it. 3 separate lines of communication are included: Cellular link, landline link, and high-speed Internet. It also includes a backup battery, providing you with 24 hours of emergency usage before you remedy the problem with the power.

Fire And Carbon Monoxide Sensors – Not only can the fire and carbon monoxide sensors provided by Lifeshield detect smoke and heat, when one of your other fire/smoke alarms go off, the sensors are able to “hear” them go off, and instantly contact the central monitoring station to send emergency fire and ambulance services.

Live Video Surveillence And Monitoring – Being able to see what’s going on in your home can make the difference between a burglar/home invader that gets away with it, and providing you with the evidence you need to convict the home invader in court. Police can only do so much if you don’t have a proper description of the offender. With video evidence, they’ll have a physical profile of the criminal so they have the ability to identify them on sight.

Live Local Crime Data And Reports – Knowing what’s going on in your neighborhood area is something you should stay aware of. Having this information can help you prepare in advance to protect yourself from crime.

Free Smartphone Mobile App – The mobile app of Lifeshield allows you to arm/disarm your system, view your camera feeds in real time, and more.

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Is Lifeshield Worth Doing Business With? What’s The Overall Public Opinion?

According to customer reviews, Lifeshield is performing very well. Public polls show that they’ve got a nearly 4.5 out of 5 star score, and both tech support for the hardware and the performance of the monitoring service itself is doing much better than a lot competitors.

So, basically, whether or not to subscribe to Lifeshield really depends on if what they’re offering is good enough for your needs. There’s not much available from Lifeshield in terms of home automation, as some customers are now demanding.

However, for a basic home security package at an affordable price, $29.99-$49.99, most people will be able to afford it with no problem at all.

ReviewsRoo has a great home security category page you can check out if you want to see a huge list of options in home security companies. Also, ADT, the nations leader in home security services, is definitely worth checking out.

Finally, you can check out the Protect America home security company, which is performing very well according to the latest customer reviews.

February 15, 2015

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