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Martian Passport SmartWatch

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The Martian Passport SmartWatch is one of the most stylish watches we’ve seen in the smart watch category to date! It features a 1960’s “Dick Tracy” type of design, with a classic analog face complete with real clock hands and the internal gears of a regular watch.

Below the regular watch face, with the gears and all, there’s a small LCD window that displays electronic text so you can see who’s calling and other important information. Now, the Martian Passport SmartWatch comes equipped with Bluetooth capability, so you can sync the watch right up with your smartphone.

Being able to receive calls on the Martian Passport SmartWatch is a real blessing, and it allows you to talk using only the watch and the built-in speaker and microphone. It also works very well to help you screen calls and messages with just a quick look at your watch, instead of having to dig inside your handbag and find your smartphone, pull it out, etc.

Multi-Color LED Notification Light And One Line OLED Display Bar!

While the Martian Passport SmartWatch doesn’t come with features like a pedometer, calorie counter, Internet capability, or any other high-tech abilities, it does allow you to perform the task of answering calls via your watch so that you can talk using just your wrist. It makes quick work of short calls, and the battery life is fairly impressive too. You can expect to get 2+ hours of continuous talk time, or seven days of stand-by time.

An Extremely Fun Smart Watch That Will Make You Feel Like You’re In The Movies

It used to be, in the old days, that people would turn on the television, watch Dick Tracy, and see the super high-tech wrist watch that he would communicate to his police squad with. Well, that exact technology with the wrist watch radio transmitter ability, is now here for everyone to have fun with and use to stay on the move and more active in their everyday work activities.

Got a call on your smartphone? No problem! The Martian Passport SmartWatch is able to transmit the call via Bluetooth to your wristwatch and you can easily handle the call that way without having to fiddle with your smartphone all the time.

Bottom Line? The Martian Passport SmartWatch Makes A Great Novelty Gift With Benefits!

What do we mean by novelty gift with benefits? Well, the Martian Passport SmartWatch might not be able to connect to the Internet or allow you to load apps that help make life easier, but it does come with the really cool radio transmitter feature that can keep your hands free while you’re walking to appointments, and makes a really cool gift idea for people who were enthralled by the “Dick Tracy” era of radio transmitter technology.

Also, screening calls with just a quick look at your wrist is quite an attractive feature too. Makes life easier and more “on the fly” than without it, that’s for sure.

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January 26, 2015

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