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Oneprice Taxes Review

Onceprice Taxes is an innovative solution in the online tax filing market which has undergone a major rebirth in the last couple of years. It isn’t considered to be one of the industries top players yet the service that it offers is definitely worth consideration. A new and improved user interface, extensive customer support improvements and enhanced processing features make Oneprice Taxes an affordable and simple solution to all your tax filing needs. View what customers think about Oneprice Taxes.

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Edition Price Details
Federal or State $14.95 Choose the type of filing you require.
Federal & State $24.95 All-inclusive solution.


When contemplating purchasing Oneprice Taxes, the options available are very straight forward. The cheapest plan offers you a choice of either Federal or State filing for $14.95. On checkout you choose which type of filing suits your needs however if you require both then the all in inclusive Federal + State package is only $24.95, feature rich and great value. If you would like extra audit protection an addon called AuditGuard is available for a one time fee of $19.95 and there are no extra fees for processing a refund. Generous discounts can be redeemed by customers who engage with the developers through Facebook or refer friends. Oneprice taxes is quite cheap when compared to similar products although it does only provide an elementary solution to tax filing. If a user knows they have very complex taxes and require a wide range of specialist tools in order to calculate their data for the year efficiently then Oneprice taxes may not be for you. One nice feature in Oneprice is the ability to track the filing process as you go and import data from other software you may have used during previous years.

Supported Operating Systems
Online Yes
Windows (download) Yes
Mac (download) Yes
Mobile No

OncePrice Taxes provides a reputable and trusted solution to tax filing with a very straight forward filing system and plenty of tools. The payment options are easy to understand with a standard price to file your tax with no addons or up-sells required. They have been around since 2005 and since then have filed personal tax on behalf of thousands of satisfied users, eFiling is all included. The site and complementary software are extremely easy to use, even for someone new to online tax filing. The entire process is outlined in easy steps with the software guiding you through every part of the process. A key differentiation between OnePrice Tax and there competitors is price. OnePrice offers amazing value and is one of the cheaper providers around. However don’t let price misguide you. OnePrice Tax is extremely feature rich and easy to use providing a quality product on par with the more expensive providers at a fraction of the cost. OnePrice also provides extensive import features allowing you to gather data from previous years, other software or transfer data between your state and federal filing with the click of a button. All of the data is feed through an error checker which claims to have 100% accuracy. These crucial usability features lead to an average preparation time of just 20-30 minutes for most users letting you get on with the rest of your day. If your tax refund is miscalculated by the software then OnePrice will guarantee a refund on the software reinforcing the fact that they stand by their software. Over the last 12 months OnePrice tax have also offered there service free to unemployed individuals and households to support those struggling in such a tough economy, all reinforcing that they truly care about their customers.



January 20, 2015

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