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Protect America Security Review

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With a 20 year track record of offering high quality home security services, the Protect America company has shown they’ve got what it takes to provide for the home security needs of families across the nation.

Protect America has a combined customer base of over 500,000 people, and on average, customers stick with Protect America for around 8 years. This is impressive, and with 500,000 current customers, they must be offering a level of service that’s actually worth it if the current customers are actually STAYING customers.

Protect America Security Review – Product Features And Benefits

Multiple Home Security Plans To Choose From – Protect America offers not just one or two packages to choose from, but 5. Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Basically, the major difference in the packages is how many door/window sensors are included.

100% Wireless Functionality – Protecting your home wirelessly is important because wires can get in the way of everything, including the look of your home. You can count on Protect America to always bring you the very latest in high performance home security technology.

Lifetime Equipment Warranty – Protect America goes as far as to guarantee their equipment for life, sparing you any costly replacement fees if faulty equipment happens to malfunction.

Free Tech Support – Tech support is always available to help you solve your installation or everyday usage issues with the equipment. Protect America takes pride in their customer service and has a very well trained and knowledgeable staff to help assist you.

Home Insurance Discount – If you’ve got a home insurance policy, you can get a great discount by proving that you’ve got Protect America home security installed at your home. According to the most recent statistics, home security systems save insurance companies a lot of money by preventing theft from occurring. You can cash in on this as a homeowner.

Life Safety Protection – Having a medical emergency pendant ensures that medical personnel will be contacted immediately the moment you press it. Seconds count in the event of a medical emergency, so the sooner medical help arrives, the better. Truthfully, many heart attack and stroke victims could have been saved in time for a full recovery if they would have had a medical pendant with them.

Smoke, Flood, Fire, And Freeze Sensor Protection – Knowing when there’s a danger in the home can help prevent costly damage before it happens. For example, if and when the temperature is low enough to freeze your pipes, you’ll get an alert through your mobile phone beforehand alerting you to the danger. Homeowners can easily save themselves thousands of dollars with sensor alerts properly installed.

Video Surveillance – Being able to produce video evidence of a robbery or home invasion means a lot in a court of law. If you have irrefutable video identification (face features/height/weight) characteristics on tape, a jury can take one look at that and identify the criminal easily. This is one way that home security systems are doing a good job to discourage break-ins.

GPS Vehicle Tracking – Other home security companies don’t tend to offer this unique addition. GPS vehicle tracking ensures that you always have a pinpoint location on your vehicle. If it gets stolen, you’ll be able to provide law enforcement with its coordinates.

Free Relocation Kit – Packing up and moving can be stressful for any family, so to make things easier on you, you can easily pack up your Protect America home security and automation equipment and set it up at your new location. Reinstalling the equipment is quick and simple, and can be done the same day you move into your new home.

Interactive Smart Phone App – Being able to control your Protect America system remotely makes management a simple streamlined process. Control your appliances, turn the system on/off, lock/unlock your doors, and more. The mobile app means you’ll always be in control, no matter where you are.

Multiple Monitoring Facilities – In order to bring you a higher level of service, Protect America is connected to not just one, but three redundant monitoring facilities. They take your safety seriously, and with multiple monitoring facilities, there’s zero chance you’ll ever experience even a single service outage.

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Protect America – Are They Worth Doing Business With? Can I Trust Them To Protect Me?

With fast emergency response times and well trained employees, Protect America seems to be doing very well, at least according to the customer reviews. 20 years is enough time to learn how to manage and run a home security business, so people who feel more comfortable with a well seasoned company can appreciate the many years of experience that Protect America has.

Their costs are affordable, the GPS vehicle tracking is a major plus, and they offer pretty much everything a home security customer needs. One of the major issues holding people back from purchasing a home security system is the initial cost to buy the equipment, pay the subscription fee, etc. Protect America is as affordable as it gets, and there’s no upfront cost involved. If affordable home security is what you’re after, Protect America is certainly worth considering.

ReviewsRoo has a great home security page listing lots of reputable home security companies. You can do some research there to find out what the best options for your needs are.

Also, Frontpoint is a up and coming home security company that seems to be performing very well. ADT, which has more experience in home security than any other company out there, is worth taking a look at too.

February 13, 2015

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