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Safemart Home Security Review

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Home security is a serious issue for any homeowner. Thieves and criminals make it their mission to take advantage of home owners who don’t protect themselves. And as shocking as it may sound, the majority of home invasion criminals don’t care about having to go to prison, they don’t care about morality or family values (that’s for sure), and in order to stay a valuable part of the criminal underworld, they’re willing to do whatever it takes to make ends meet.

So, when it comes time for you to start shopping for a home security system, who do you choose? There’s ADT, the industry leader, but other home security companies are in direct competition with them, offering similar services for a lower price. It’s your duty to understand whether or not the home security company you’re considering can actually offer you the level of service quality you need to stay safe.

Safemart – Bringing You World Class Home Security Services Nearly Everyone Can Afford

Safemart, which we’re covering in this review, has a fantastic review score according to online feedback reports, scoring 5 stars out of a possible 5 in nearly every review website we could find. Digging further, we were able to find background information on them, so you can better understand who the Safemart company is.

Safemart has been in business since 2002, founded by a Paramedic named Chris Johnson. He used his 10+ years of combined experience in the emergency response field to make his dream of building a home security company a reality.

Since Safemart is so young in the area of home security services, it’s impressive to note that they’ve expanded over the years to serve not only everyday citizens like you and me, but also government organizations like the U.S, State Department, the Department of Justice, and more.

Safemart Home Security Product Features And Benefits – Uniquely Customize Your Security

Before we outline the Safemart Home Security features and benefits, it’s helpful to note that Safemart is a home security store offering equipment you can install yourself to save a lot over the cost of having the equipment professionally installed. They also offer the service of 24/7 monitoring of your home that works through the equipment they sell at a competitive price.

24/7/365 Home Monitoring Services – Using 3 redundant monitoring centers that have an average response time of only 18 seconds, there’s no chance you’ll be experiencing a service outage that puts you at risk. If one monitoring center is disabled for some reason, the system automatically designates the next center to take over.

Operators that work for Safemart and their contracted associated companies are very fast to respond to emergency requests.

Home Automation Services – There’s a wide range of home automation devices you can choose from, including keypad deadbolt locks, lamp dimmers, energy management thermostats, and more. You can save a lot of money by practicing energy conservation through home automation.

Flood, Fire, Smoke, And Glass Break Detection – Safemart sells flood, fire, smoke, and glass break detection sensors so you can always know exactly what the status of your home is. If there’s frozen pipes, you’ll know it. If there’s broken glass, you’ll know that too. And if there’s flood, smoke, or fire going on, you’ll get an instant alert informing you of it.

Live Video Camera Surveillence – Keeping a close eye on who enters your home and what’s going on in it gives you the peace of mind you need. Law enforcement is better able to solve crime when they have actual video evidence of a home invasion, which they can then use to make finding and arresting the offender an easier process. Also, video evidence works very well in court so judges can make a positive ID on a burglar or home invader as well.

Smart Phone Compatible System Management – Using your Iphone, Ipad, or Android compatible device, you can remotely control the system, watch live and recorded video camera footage of your residence, see which doors and windows are open, display your event history, receive real time alerts and notifications, and more.

Home Insurance Discount Qualification – When you install a home security system, you’re participating in a business that helps to lower theft and home invasion risk within your community. When one of the Safemart alarm sensors go off and law enforcement responds, it works as a very good deterrent to discourage other thieves from singling out your residence through organized crime rings for future burglaries. The 20% discount helps you to cover the cost of the system and monitoring subscription costs.

Wired And Wireless Installation Options – Safemart gives their customers the ability to choose from either wired or wireless functionality.

Free Tech Support And Same Day Shipping – Safemart tech support is highly knowledgeable and well trained to help you solve any issues you have with the equipment or service. They also provide same day shipping!

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So Is Safemart A Good Option To Help Keep My Family Safe? What’s The Truth?

Safemart is a very affordable option when it comes to home security. They’re not overly priced, and they don’t offer any bloat that you don’t really need. If you know how to set up a home security system by yourself, then you’ll be glad you can save a lot over the cost of more expensive companies.

For way less than you’d pay a professional home security company to install the equipment for you and have you subscribe to their 24/7 home monitoring service, you can do it yourself through Safemart and save a lot more.
Safemart has done very well as far as overall customer satisfaction is concerned, and most people who shop at Safemart and subscribe to their services have great things to say about them.

ReviewsRoo has a great page on home security you should check out if you’re in the marketplace to purchase it. Also, Home Security Store is a great place to shop for the latest home security items you can use to protect your home.

Protect America is another home security company that’s very competitive, so you might consider subscribing to them if you don’t want to Do-It-Yourself.

February 14, 2015

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