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It’s no secret that kids want to be just like their parents. When little Jack sees his father or mother wearing a smart watch all the time, of course he’s going to want to emulate that behavior and be “a part of it all”.

One of the greatest gifts we can bestow on our children is to teach them that new technologies like smart watches are not only fun, but also highly beneficial to their development, learning, and ability to accomplish new things.

For example, the VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch is very highly rated at Amazon with a 4.5 out of 5 star score. Kids really love using it, and it instills the value of smart watch technology at an early age, so technology as a whole won’t be any kind of shock to them as they mature.

Similar technologies will emerge as the years go on as well, opening up new possibilities and ways to interact with technology. But for now, smart watches are the new tech craze, and kids totally go wild over playing with them.

Smart Watches For Kids – Tons Of Exciting Watches To Choose From! Let The Fun Begin!

There’s so many different smart watches available for kids to try out! Once they get tired of one, don’t worry, there’s lots of others you can get them to make sure they never get bored! And as we all know, boredom is the arch-enemy of every child. Staving off your childs boredom in new and exciting ways is one area that these smart watches come in really handy!

Let’s take a look at a few of the kids smart watch options out there:

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch – With tons of learning games to choose from, the fun never stops with the VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch! The built-in camera and camcorder allows your children to take fun pictures and videos they can share with their friends via the Internet and PC. There’s also multiple watch faces you can change to so it never gets boring, and the rechargeable battery means no costly battery replacements.

The Tinitell Watch-The Tinitell Watch is a great way to keep track of your kids when they’re at play. It isn’t anywhere near a full-blown wrist watch, and it wasn’t designed to be in the first place. Simply put, if you’re needing a way to keep track of your children to put your fears to rest about their safety and where they are at all times, the Tinitell is for you.

It allows your children to speak with you, and also includes a GPS locator system that allows you, as a parent, to have a direct readout of their location at all times.

The FiLIP –Making and receiving calls is no problem for the FiLIP (limited to 5 stored numbers). Your child has the instant ability to reach any of the 5 stored numbers easily, so they can call for help or anything else they need!

Using a clever combination of Wi-Fi, GPS, and GSM, you’ll be able to locate your childs exact location at all times, guaranteed! Also, an emergency button is included (press for 3 seconds) that will automatically call each of the 5 numbers until a connection is established. It also records the background noise so the contact can understand exactly what the emergency is if the child isn’t speaking.

Every 60 seconds, the FiLIP will update the child’s exact location until the emergency has been resolved. You can also set up SafeZones to alert you as a parent to when your child enters and leaves a SafeZone. So, for example, if you’ve told your child to stay in a specific area, then you’ll know if they have disobeyed and left that area immediately through a notification.

All in all, this is a great locator smart watch for kids that’s worth its weight in gold to reduce parenting stress and worry levels.

The LG KizON – Using both GPS and Wi-Fi tracking, this is yet another option you can use to keep track of your kids and where they are at all times. Making parenting easier is a premier use for kids smart watches, and it accomplishes that very well.

The LG KizON comes with a One Step Direct Call feature, so your kids can connect with you with a simple push of a button. If the child doesn’t answer, the LG KizON intuitively connects the call automatically so the parent can hear what’s going on and as to why their child didn’t respond to the call.

You can expect 36 hours of battery life per charge, and runs on both 2G and 3G networks.

Leapfrog Leapband – With a 4.5 out of 5 star review score at Amazon, nearly every kid out there loves the Leapfrog Leapband. The Leapband has preloaded “Active Challenges” that direct your child to accomplish fun physical actions, such as:

“Pounce Like A Lion!”

The parental controls on the unit allow parents to set challenges too, so they can play an active roll in providing their kids with custom challenges. This really makes parents feel great to be a part of it!

The Leapfrog Leapband also comes with virtual pets that are unlocked as your child accomplishes more of the actions! The more challenges they accomplish, the more points they earn and the more new pets get unlocked for them to interact with.

The Leapfrog Leapband is designed for kids between the ages of 4-7 years old.

Kidswatcher – This GPS/GSM smart kids watch provides you with worldwide (yes, worldwide) map coverage of your childs whereabouts. It’s the smallest child locator watch out there, so there’s no extra like a camera, mp3 player, or phone, but it accomplishes the job of keeping track of your child VERY well.

The Kidswatcher kids smart watch can even track and locate kids inside buildings, in case they get into a situation like that. Also, a S.O.S. center is available to help find your kids if they happen to really go missing. The sooner you call the S.O.S. center, the sooner you can get hooked up with authorities that will then launch a search party.

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Kids Need Their Parents To Get Involved Too! Teaching Your Children About Smart Watches

There’s lots of ways that parents can use smart watches to not only keep better track of their kids and their location at all times, but also to begin introducing them to technology that will inevitably be a part of their lives on a permanent basis. As technology keeps evolving, making sure your kids have a strong grasp of modern technology, in a safe and danger-free way is very important.

Getting a few smart watches for your kids like the ones we’ve listed above will make you feel like you’ve accomplished something great as a parent. A lot of the smart watches we listed above are able to help you track your childrens whereabouts, as well as help you to do a better job overall in your parenting efforts. So basically, these smart watches pay for themselves in terms of parenting stress reduction and the child safety/tracking ability.

Safety AND the ability to help your child play fun games and learn new things? Wow! Technology really is getting more amazing as time goes on, isn’t it?

As an adult parent, you might want to check out the ReviewsRoo category page on smart watches that are for adults! Don’t miss out on the smart watch action yourself!

As a good example of adult smart watch options, check out the ReviewsRoo content team article on the Samsung Gear Live smart watch. Also, the Pebble Steel is a great option that’s got tons of awesome hardware and features!

January 22, 2015

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