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Here’s A Guide To Help You Learn About The Windows Phone OS Before Shopping For Smart Watches!

Windows phone is the Microsoft offering as their premier smart phone operating system. Not only is the windows phone OS for smart phones one of the best mobile operating systems out there, it’s also in a state of constant development. The Windows Phone OS version that you’re using now, won’t be the same one that you use a year down the road.

Cortana – Cortana is the Microsoft personal assistant that comes with the OS. A lot of work went into developing Cortana in order to make it something that actually has some value and bonafide benefit for Windows Phone OS users.

Cortana recognizes voice commands, can perform searches with its built-in Bing search engine module, and you can also set reminders and receive phone notifications through it.

Live Tiles – Live Tiles allows you to display your apps in a super convenient way! They simply appear on your start screen for quick and easy access. You can also use the “tiles” to display things like the weather, or the time right on your home screen so there’s never any clicking involved in order to display it.

Pre-Installed Microsoft Camera App – If you own a smart phone that has the ability to take pictures or video, you’ll be glad that the Windows Phone OS has a pre-installed Microsoft Camera App. You can also choose to install a third-party app that can accomplish the same thing, but Microsoft has done a good job in creating this app, and it performs well.

Cellular, Data, And Bluetooth Connectivity – Being able to use your smart phone to make/receive calls, surf the Internet, download data, and connect to other electronics you have via Bluetooth can make all the difference in the world to your productivity. Windows Phone OS provides you with pre-installed connectivity for all this right out of the box.

Access To 300,000+ Apps At The Windows Phone Store – The Windows phone store allows you access to apps that can totally revolutionize and improve the way you get things done. For example, the battery saver app tracks your battery usage and shows you how to set your phone up to conserve battery life instead of being wasteful with it.

Another good example is the Wi-Fi Sense app, which automatically signs you into Wi-Fi hotspots. It does a good job of protecting your identity at the same time, because as we all know, wireless connections have been known to be compromisable if you’re not protected.

And there’s hundreds of thousands more apps that app developers have worked hard to develop, so that you can enjoy the app library and everything it can help you accomplish.

Upgrade Capability – Upgrading your Windows phone from previous versions is totally easy, and free! The Microsoft Windows Phone OS provides you with totally free upgrades! Downloading and installing them is fast and simple.

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Phones That Come With The Windows Phone OS – Get A Lot Without Spending A Lot!

The latest smart phone offerings from top providers such as Nokia, HTC, Samsung, Blackberry, and more come with all the features that you would expect to improve our daily lives. Cameras (both still and video), fast processors, hard drive space, Internet and Bluetooth connectivity, pedometers, accelerometers, GPS, and more come standard in most of these devices.

When choosing a smart phone OS, it basically comes down to preference. Most mobile operating systems come with nearly all of the same abilities, they’re just presented to you in different ways. You may find that you enjoy the Android or Apple iOS operating system more than you enjoy the Windows Phone OS, and obviously it’s in your best interest to try each of the competing operating systems out to see which one you like best.

Android, for example, is partly open-source software, which means developers and those keen with programming skills are able to add to the operating system with program applications and more at their leisure.

The Apple iOS, while offering all the same abilities as Android and the Windows Phone OS, is only compatible with Apple phones. Apple is proprietary software, and they keep “the ties that bind” by only offering their software compatibility with Apple brand phones.

And for smart watch options that allow you to sync up to the Windows Phone OS, check out the ReviewsRoo category page on smart watches!

Also, the ReviewsRoo category page has some great options to choose from, like the Pebble Steel smart watch, which is really turning heads this year.

Finally, there’s smart watch options for every style preference and budget! The Sony Smart Watch line of smart watches is constantly improving, and provides people on a tight budget with a quality smart watch at a cheap price.


January 26, 2015

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