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Sony Smart Watch SW2 for Android Phones

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Yet Another Android Compatible Smart Watch Hits The Market To Appease The Masses!

The first Sony SmartWatch was a heck of an accomplishment for Sony. Since then, they’ve released the Sony Smart Watch 2, which this article is focused on, and also an additional smart watch called the Sony Smart Watch 3.

The Sony Smart Watch SW2 is an advancement over the original technology, which offered a lot of the same features as the SW2, but wasn’t quite as advanced. The Sony SW2 smart watch has some great new features and abilities, and works with smart phones that use the Android operating system version 4.0 or higher.

Using The Sony Smart Watch SW2 As A Smartphone Remote Tool

One of the main uses of smart watches in general, no matter who makes the watch, is to use the smart watch as a “remote” to communicate with your smart phone. For example, when you receive a call on your smart phone, the Sony Smart Watch SW2 is designed to alert you to the call through a gentle vibration on your wrist. This way, you never miss important calls, and you won’t have to be the one known as the “call misser”.

The freedom to live your life on-the-move is essential to many peoples lifestyles, and it allows them to get more done in less time.

Going Over The Feature Set Of The Sony Smart Watch SW2 – Moving Further Ahead!

Like we mentioned previously, the Sony Smart Watch SW2 is a bit more advanced than the original Sony Smart Watch, and below we’re going to be listing the feature set in detail:

Single Core ARM Cortex-M4 Processor, clocked at 180MHz – While it isn’t nearly the fastest processor in the smart watch marketplace, it accomplishes any task we’ve been able to throw at it just fine.

1.6″ Transflective LCD Touchscreen With 220 X 176 Resolution – The previous Sony Smart Watch would be washed out under direct sunlight conditions, but not the SW2. the transflective screen is easily readable in both indoor and outdoor settings, including direct sunshine.

Compatible With Android 4.0 And Higher – As smart watches are moving forward in their technology and features, so is their compatibility with newer operating systems. The Sony SW2 is only compatible with Android 4.0 or higher.

Accelerometer –Tracking your time, distance, and steps walked is easy with the included accelerometer. Acting as a pedometer, the accelerometer hardware can spare you the hassle of having to carry a stand-alone pedometer along with you.

GPS – Unlike smart watches of the past, GPS capability is included in the SW2. Just download the GPS Maps for SmartWatch, and it will relay the GPS coordinates from your smart phone to the SW2, and you’ll be able to track your current location easily.

Bluetooth 3.0 – Although this Sony Smart Watch SW2 doesn’t come with a speaker and a microphone to answer calls, you can pair it with a bluetooth headset to answer and receive calls that way. It’s also, obviously and of course, able to sync up with your smart phone to alert you of calls you may miss otherwise.

Vibration Alert/Alarm – This smart watch doubles as an easy to use wake-up/alert alarm through it’s vibration sensor. If you’ve got an important event coming up later in the day, setting the vibration alarm to alert you is totally easy and foolproof.

Find My Phone / Lost Phone Locator – The Sony SW2 comes with a simple application called Find Phone. Tap it, and your smart phone will begin to ring.

Compatible With Tons Of Android Apps – The Google Android Application store has thousands of helpful apps that are compatible with the SW2. Apps can help you accomplish many tasks in half the time it would take you otherwise.

Water Resistant – Water resistance with the SW2 allows you a more stress free experience. You don’t have to worry about getting it wet or submerged for short time periods. It can handle it.

Compatible With Multiple Watch Bands – Being able to change watch bands on the SW2 is a nice style point. You can choose between multiple colors and watch band materials. Sold separately, of course.

Micro-USB Charging Cable – Charging the SW2 is something that you’ll need to do, of course, just like with any smart watch out there. The battery life of the SW2 is about 2-3 days maximum on a single charge.

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The Sony SW2 – A Nice Effort, But Far Behind Other More Capable Smart Watches

The Sony SW2 has been reviewed thoroughly by smart watch critics across the Internet. It’s able to accomplish a few things, but lacks a great deal of features and hardware that other smart watches come standard with. Such as, a camera, GPS capability, a bigger more robust screen, faster processor/higher RAM, and a microphone + speakers.

Because it lacks all these, you may find that the Sony SW2 is too far behind in ability to even be a temptation to purchase. In the future, there’s going to be a lot more smart watches, and they’re going to be offering a higher level of functionality than we’ve ever seen before.

C’mon Sony! Keep turning out those advancements so we can finally own a smart watch that’s worth having!

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Lastly, this article on the original Sony Smart Watch can help to educate you on the history of the Sony Smart Watch build project.

January 11, 2015

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