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Sony SmartWatch US Version 1 Android Bluetooth USB

Sony SmartWatch

Not everyone makes tons of money every year, and Sony totally understands that! That’s why, when Sony released their SmartWatch US Version 1 for sale, they gave it a super affordable price tag that’s within everyone’s budget. For a grand total of less than $80.00, it’s yours!

The Sony trademark name has been turning out high quality electronic equipment for years, and everyone who’s anyone has heard of Sony. As far as features go, the Sony SmartWatch US Version 1 has a lot to offer.

Check out the rich feature set!:

1.3 Inch Full Color OLED Touch Display – Although it’s not the biggest smart watch display in the world, the 1.3 inch color OLED touch display is fashionably petite, and 100% able to display the apps and programs that put it “on par” with other smart watches.

Vibration Alarm Mechanism – Not many people appreciate being woken up by loud music or alarm type sounds, and that’s why it makes much more sense to make use of the vibration alarm mechanism on the Sony SmartWatch. Setting the built-in alarm triggers the vibration mechanism to bring you out of sleep gently, not offensively.

.3 Inch Super Compact Width – Not only is the display not overly-bloated and too large to be stylish, but the total size of the Sony SmartWatch is small enough to never be a nuisance to the wearer.

Compatible With Tons Of Apps From Google Play – There’s nearly 400 SmartWatch apps that are compatible with the Sony SmartWatch, and more being developed all the time. When you browse through them the first time, you’ll be amazed when you realize how much the Google Play apps can help you accomplish in your everyday life.

Syncs With Your Android Smartphone – The Sony SmartWatch is able to sync up with your Android smartphone and alert you of any incoming calls with a gentle vibration on your wrist. This way, you’re always available to your contacts and never “missing in action”.

Customizable Watch Faces – Like most smart watches, the Sony SmartWatch allows you to customize the look of your watch face with different background colors, different clock designs, and you can even use a photo as your background image.

Water And Dust Resistant – You can submerge the Sony SmartWatch in water and get it as dirty as you want. Dust and water is no match for the awesome build quality.

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Sony – Leading The Way In Smart Watch Advancements And Product Quality

The Sony Walkman was a major hit for music lovers everywhere, and really helped to bring the Sony brand name into “Super Stardom” status. From there, Sony has released all kinds of high quality electronic equipment, such as handcams, DVD players, and more.

Now, Sony is using their electronic product development abilities for smart watches too, and you can cash in on the SmartWatch. Although the SmartWatch isn’t as robust as some smart watch options out there, it allows you to have the functionality you need at a fair price, and the build quality is pretty darn good.

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January 4, 2015

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