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TaxAct Review

TaxACT is a simple and easy to use piece of web based taxation software and all inclusive platform in the United States by 2nd Story Software. Originally developed in the early 1990s as Personal Tax Edge by Parsons Technology, the software was bought by tax software giant Intuit and totally restructured in 1998. It allows customers to conveniently and easily file their taxes without the help of expensive professionals and competes with systems such as TurboTax all of which aim to simplify the tax filing process. Read customer reviews here of TaxACT.


Like most similar software, TaxAct is available in a couple of different editions – Free, Deluxe and Ultimate all with there own feature set.

Edition Price Details
Free Federal Edition Free Great for beginner taxes, filed federally.
Deluxe Federal Edition $12.95 Best for returning users.
Ultimate Bundle $21.95 All the features of Deluxe Federal and State filing capabilities.


These pricing plans make TaxAct one of the cheaper options on the market.

The TaxAct user interface is extremely simple and makes tax filing a breeze. The developers have set simplicity and usability as high priorities to create an intuitive piece of software. The program walks you through the entire tax filing process, step by step with no step skipped enabling you to easily enter all your information to provide an accurate refund figure. It also comes with audit protection and a useful double-checking mechanism to help eliminate mistakes as standard. TaxAct does come with some support for users, dramatically increasing for paid users. There is an extensive knowledge base with various questions and answers as well as phone and email support for paid users. However, unlike some services there is no 24/7 support available nor is there any form of web based live chat. This shouldn’t be a problem for most users however if you are a complete beginner to online tax filing it may be somewhat off putting.

Supported Operating Systems
Online Yes
Windows (download) Yes
Mac (download) Yes
Mobile Yes


TaxACT is available online and through multiple downloadable clients making it extremely accessible across all platforms, this area is where TaxACT really performs and making it better than most software. After accessing your desired platform whether it is web-based or a native application, the software allows you to easily import any previous data into the platform which you are using. This is very handy when using multiple platforms or use the software annually and want to view last years information. The TaxACT website features numerous calculators with complementary video tutorials and answers center which walk you through the entire tax filing process ensuring you maximize your refund. TaxACT also has a handy review and double checking feature allowing you to make sure all your information is completely accurate helping minimize possible errors in your data.

The customer support availability for the software is somewhat lacking with phone and email support only available to paying customers during business hours. Limited support is available from the TaxACT support center, which is essentially a knowledge base. The software is one of the more popular solutions for online tax filing and as such, is extremely trusted and secure. It is a recognized online tax filing provider by the IRS and offers all basic security precautions for the at home user. They also provide audit assistance.


TaxACT is an extremely versatile piece of taxation software which is also reasonably priced. It allows for simple, online tax filing with complete platform support. The cost of adding State tax filing to your account is also extremely cheap when compared with other solutions available and the entire process is extremely simple. However, the lack of comprehensive online customer support is a small issue although the support for all paying users is adequate with an extensive online knowledge base for free users. Therefore, TaxACT is an easy to use solution which allows for simple tax filing at very low cost with a solid suite of features available to each user level.




January 1, 2015

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