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TurboTax Review

TurboTax has emerged has one of the most popular taxation suite for individuals and small businesses in the United States, check out TurboTax reviews. It is available in four reasonably priced paid plans and one free plan is also available allowing you to test the capabilities and power of the software, which we know you will love. It uses a web based online platform with a great user interface allowing you to easily manage all your taxes in an efficient manner. The TurboTax software was originally created back in the 1980’s by Michael Chipman and was acquired by Intuit in the early 1990’s with offices in San Diego and Mountain View, California. This extensive history is a testament to this outstanding product which is still used by thousands today.


 TurboTax Plan  Price (USD)  Details
 Free  Free  Simple, free edition allowing you to sample the TurboTax software. Allows you to complete simple tax returns and beginners taxes on singles and families with children.
 Basic  $19.99  Available for beginners who desire a more premium product with increased help and support. This package comes with extended support, more guidance and 24/7 online access.
 Deluxe  $29.99  A more inclusive edition of the software for homeowners and investors. Also incorporates features for those with higher deductions, medical expenses or educational loans.
 Premier  $49.99  Comprehensive package for businesses, stock and bond sellers or those with one or more rental properties.
 Home & Business  $74.99  Extended features allowing for a taxation solution for use by small business owners.

For a limited time only, TurboTax have also offered huge extra incentives for clients to file their taxes with the software, providing even more value to the already amazing solutions on offer. During this period when redeeming an Amazon Gift Card as part of your tax filing receive an extra 5-10% worth of value on the card.

When filing taxes with TurboTax the option is made available to set aside some of your refund to purchase an Amazon gift card. If you choose to spend some of your return on a gift card, with any extra being deposited into your bank account then TurboTax will give you an additional bonus of 5-10%, depending on your plan. The 5% bonus applies to all free users, while the 10% bonus is given to any user on a paid plan. Claiming this benefit is free for all users of the software and the gift card will never expire. This is an amazing promotion the TurboTax are running, however it may not last forever.

TurboTax is an extremely straight forward piece of software that anyone can use to efficiently and effectively file their tax online. Its user interface guides the user completely through the filing process ensuring no mistakes are made and that everything is easy to understand. Another great feature is that the software explains each question in plain English so you can easily interpret what needs to be placed in each individual field without needing to understand complicated financial jargon. The clean and fresh user interface and mobile support make TurboTax an extremely user friendly software suite when it comes to taxation making it one of the leaders of taxation software in this area.

Platforms supported by TurboTax include the online platform, Windows and Mac in both download and CD editions and a mobile edition with is feature rich, yet not as powerful as the other editions due to the constraints of the platform. Finally, the software automatically checks all information provided by the user and prompts the user to also double check all the information they have supplied manually. This ensures that everything is submitted properly in the correct fields, leaving nothing to chance. You simply can’t go wrong with the TurboTax system.


The TurboTax software is extremely feature rich and one of the most respected industry solutions competing with H&R Block and TaxACT. However unlike its competitors the TurboTax system is based around an online platform with all of the filing process integrated within the software itself and handled over the internet. By extensively taking advantage of web technologies, TurboTax provides the customer with excellent 24/7 support and guides them through the complete taxation filing process in an easy, simple to understand manner.

TurboTax also allows you to use the software absolutely free until the the point of filing your tax allowing you to take full advantage of the software before paying a cent, with the final payment confirmation just reinforcing the extreme value there is on offer. The software contains all the tools and resources needed to automatically estimate tax payments and refunds ensuring all taxation is filed correctly. They guarantee that they will ensure you receive the maximum tax refund possible using their service and will provide one-to-one personal audit counselling if you are ever audited. They also guarantee all calculations are correct and will even reimburse you if any of the calculations from the software are incorrect or misleading providing assurance that everything is accurate. Finally, you can automatically pay for the software by using money out of your tax refund if this option is selected allowing for a convenient, hassle free way to pay for use of TurboTax.

The TurboTax system also allows for choice between the filing of state and federal taxes. Filing federal taxes is completely integrated and state taxes are almost fully automatic. To file a state tax your information is collected and transferred to TurboTax State which will then allow you to file state taxes for the extremely low price of $14.99 down from the original $27.99, much cheaper than any competing solution. This all comes with the integrated guidance, excellent customer support with guaranteed calculation accuracy with a guarantee stating that TurboTax will pay for any IRS penalties which occur from wrong calculations.

The TurboTax software comes with amazing customer support that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This comes in the form of comprehensive online support as well as phone assistance depending on the specific plan chosen. Live chat over the internet is also available with customer service representatives ready to answer your questions in both English and Spanish who all have extensive experience with the software and tax filing in general in order to guide you in your filing. This support is compounded by the extensive security mechanisms implemented by the developers to ensure all personal information is secure. Even though TurboTax is a completely online system, great care is taken to ensure that all information is handled securely shown by its status as an approved filing method and numerous safety seals on the website.


TurboTax is considered the leader in online tax filing solutions due to its usability, simplicity and great value making it an extremely enticing platform with a very unique offering. The pricing model is also revolutionary, allowing customers to use software and pay at the end of the filing process, allowing them to get on with the job at hand and make the potentially complicated and stressful process of filing your taxes extremely easy and hassle free. This comprehensive package is also all available for under $100 which is extremely good value, much cheaper than most competitors making it an extremely satisfying purchase and very useful tool for filing your taxes without the need of expensive personal accountants./




December 24, 2014

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