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Vivint Home Security Review

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Residential/Business Home Security, Energy Management , And Home Automation Solutions

If you’ve been paying attention to the home security market, you’ve no doubt noticed that there’s more than a few home security companies to choose from. There’s many new home security companies springing up to capitalize on how small the marketplace currently is, and to make the most through offering quality service at a fair price.

To give you a little background information on the Vivint company, you’ll be happy to know they’re a financially stable company. They’ve been in the home security business faction since 1999, and through those years they’ve learned how to serve their customer base in the best way possible.

Blackstone Group LP just recently purchased Vivint Home Security for approximately $2 billion, which was done in an effort to provide them with additional financial backing they need to grow and expand. Currently, Vivint has approximately 850,000 customers throughout the United States and Canada, and that number continues to grow every year.

As far as employee statistics are concerned, after 13 years of growing and expanding their business, the Vivint company is home to approximately 7,000 employees, each highly trained and experienced to provide the very best in customer service and emergency response times.

Vivint Home Security Service Features And Benefits – Learn What Vivint Can Do For You

Home Security – The Vivint home security service provides 24/7/365 monitoring, which includes nights, weekends, and all holidays. You get a generous array of home security features, including:

Non-Emergency Alerts – The programmable nature of the Vivint Home Security suite allows you to reeceive alerts through the web or through your smartphone. You get to choose which events trigger an alert, so you’re always in complete control of what happens with your Vivint system and how it all works.

Fire Protection – Carbon Monoxide and smoke detectors are crucial to have in your home, but without a monitoring system, you might not know that a something dangerous is happening in your home until it’s too late. With the Vivant system, you’ll know immediately when your carbon monoxide or smoke detector goes off so you can take necessary action.

Door And Window Sensors – No security system would be complete without door and window entry sensors. Knowing when someone has attempted or is actively breaking into your home is the centerpoint of any security system out there. The Vivint Home Security system comes with door and window sensors to ensure you’ll always know if someone has tried to break in.

Live Camera Monitoring / Surveillence – Vivint knows that being able to see what’s going on in your home when you’re not there means a lot, so they offer you the ability to record clips of specific areas of your home and watch them on the web at your leisure. The camera is able to pan and tilt so you get proper viewing ability.
Motion Detection – Built using the latest infrared technology, the motion detector is able to trigger an alarm if anything comes into its area. The 90 degree lookdown capability ensures that nothing gets past it unnoticed.

Severe Weather Alerts – Knowing when there’s severe weather is something that many homeowners are often unaware of. Not staying on top of weather reports can happen to anyone, but with Vivint Home Security, you won’t need to. The system will alert you if there’s any form of severe weather in your area so you can protect your home and personel safety.

Two-Way Instant Vivant Reprentative Com Link – Being able to simply press a button to initiate a two-way conversation with a Vivint home security dispatcher is important. In a real emergency, seconds count, and the quicker you’re able to explain your situation to the dispatcher, the quicker they can contact emergency personnel to respond to it.

Key FOB – Your key FOB from Vivint allows you to arm/disarm your security system, as well as call the central monitoring station for help, open your garage door, trigger the panic alarm, and turn your lights on/off.

Home Automation And Energy Control – Being able to control your home through your cell phone or PC is one of the high points of subscribing to Vivint Home Security. You can control your lights, thermostat, and all of your home appliances. Yes, even crockpots and curling irons can be turned on and off through your cell phone, PC, or Vivint control panel.

Also, through the use of the remote home automation ability, you can expect to be paying a lot less for your next energy bill with the power to “tone down” the usage of home resources. Having a resource usage reduction plan made up means you can save a lot! In fact, the savings can add up to the system paying for itself and even more!

Innovative Solar Power Solutions – The Vivint Home Security company is one of the first to capitalize on the growing demand for solar power solutions. Through setting up a solar panel grid, current Vivint customers are able to save 20%-30% on what they pay in utility costs. There’s no upfront investment required, so the savings start right away.

Environmentally conscious people will also appreciate the fact that using solar panels reduces the carbon footprint of a home, which is good for our environment. Many people are getting “in step” with living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

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Honest Opinion – Is Vivint Home Security Worth Subscribing To? Are They Good Enough?

If you take a look on the web, there’s a lot of mixed reviews when it comes to Vivint Home Security services. Many people have had a 100% positive experience with them, and then there’s a few people who’ve had some problems. Overall, Vivint looks pretty safe to do business with, and many people have had great experiences.

Whether or not you choose to use Vivint as your home security solution really depends on your needs. Of course, there’s many other companies out there you can choose to use besides Vivint, such as ADT Home Security, which has been an industry leader in home security for many years.

ReviewsRoo has a great category page on home security solutions you can look at, and the Frontpoint home security company is offering a pretty good deal that you might consider checking out too.

February 8, 2015

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