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What’s new with Reviews Roo?

Since last month, our team has been hard at work. Some of the issues addressed in the last post has been fixed and many new features have been added on Reviews Roo to make the website more fun for our users. So what’s new? Here is the list:

New Point System – Users can earn points on Reviews Roo with various different types of activities. For example: When you login to the website you earn points. When you leave a review, add a new friend, etc. We think our users will enjoy this.

New Rank System – With the points you earn, your rank on the website; which increases your credibility and authority on Reviews Roo. You’re review will have a strong impact because our users will trust your word. And it’s always fun to have the highest rank.

Upgrade your business listing – For our business owners…Now it’s easier then ever to upgrade your listing and membership. Simply click on “Edit Listing” on your store page and you’ll see upgrade membership options on the edit screen. From there just click “Upgrade now” and complete the process. Once completed, you’re business listing will be upgraded to Gold listing, your business listing will have a verified badge and you’ll be able to respond to user reviews.

Mention users – We have a good social networking features on Reviews Roo, but we are not a social network. We are a review website. However, we want friends and users of our website to be able to communicate with each other easily. So we added the functionally @username to mention a user within your status update or comments. This is a great way to cross reference users and there reviews on any store. We will soon extend this functionally into the review box. For now, you’re able to do that on your profile page.

Brand New Homepage – Most of the regular users have probably noticed the new homepage which highlights featured stores, new reviews, new stores, top reviewers and latest community updates right on the homepage. We will enhancing more features as we get more feedback from our users.


We asked our marketing guy to create a fun video which can explain Reviews Roo is an easy to understand way. He came up with the below video: We laughed and then we watched it again and thought it was a good effort. Does this make you want to sign up on Reviews Roo and leave a review on a store you shopped at before? What do you guys think?

Besides this, we tweaked many other things on the website to make the website faster and easier to use. Stay tuned because there is much more to come from us.

Thank you
Reviews Roo team

May 4, 2015

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